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Beethoven 250: analysis regarding the composer’s letters demonstrates that imagination does spring forth from misery


Professor regarding the Economic History for the Arts, University of Southern Denmark

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The idea that creative creativity and state that is emotional somehow associated extends back to your period of Aristotle. Nevertheless, it is rather tough to quantify their education of misery (or delight) of a artist, and many more therefore if an artist is deceased. During my research I have discovered a option to achieve this by extracting the content that is emotional written communication.

My research uncovered habits of psychological well-being through the entire lifetimes of imaginative people. During a few studies on what geographical clustering of composers influenced their imagination, i came across big efficiency gains by composers employed in places such as for instance Vienna, Paris and London within the belated eighteenth century to century that is early 20th. In the time that is same it became apparent that in these urban centers composers have now been interestingly frequently unhappy or unwell, prompting issue: just how do psychological facets impact imagination?

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