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Excellence Awards Program

At the end of each academic year, we award recognition prizes to the highest performing students and the best teachers in a community. We focus on elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The goal is to inspire and motivate students in the community to remain in school and commit to hard work while incentivizing their educators.



Training Program

Each year, we select a new cohort of students with a strong interest in social change at colleges and high schools across Benin. Under the supervision of our specialized partners, coaches provide our students with a 3-year cycle of training and experiential learning that takes place on weekends and during school breaks, to build skills in the following areas:

Soft Skills

  • Character Development
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Skills

Community Development

  • Civic Engagement
  • Community Assessment
  • Social Program Development
  • Entrepreneurship


Mentorship Program

Building a relationship between current leaders and the next generation of leaders is integral to future growth and success; yet, it is often overlooked or underutilized.

Our mentors are volunteer community leaders, educators, and professionals who have the capacity to connect and empower our students as role models and advisors. As successful professionals from a variety of backgrounds, Mentors use their lifetime and professional experiences to:

  • Guide the assigned students (mentees) toward achieving personal and community goals
  • Provide academic and professional guidance and advice to the mentee
  • Empower the mentee’s confident public speaking voice
  • Help the mentee develop skills to build a strong networking
  • Teach the mentee how to stand out and open doors to future opportunities.

Our mentors are individuals who are dedicated to giving back to a community. They are not paid for their work, but we contribute to their visibility through formal recognition of their accomplishments.

Students are typically assigned 2 mentors, one residing within their immediate community, and one outside the community. You can join us as a mentor if you:

  • Have life and professional experiences that can be valuable to our students;
  • Believe that giving back to our communities is critical to our collective wellbeing;
  • Are committed to be a role model to younger people in Benin and beyond;
  • Are willing to commit your time to advising and guiding one or more students.

Professional Development Program

We are building a network of partners, both from the private and the public sectors, willing to sponsor our students through professional development opportunities.

The goal of our Professional Development Program is to connect our students to resources made available by our sponsoring partners. Professional Development opportunities provided by our sponsors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Internship opportunities during summer breaks
  • Job shadowing opportunities during winter and spring breaks
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Career opportunities for our graduating students.

If you are an organization (business, non-profit organizations, or government agency) who would like to offer one or more professional development opportunities to our students, we would love to partner with you. Please contact us now so we can start a discussion.


Scholarship Program

We are building a network of partners, whether they are individuals or organizations, willing to sponsor our students’ education through scholarships.

A 2014 Benin Government Report predicts that up to 93% of children in each generation will not be able to graduate from high school in the future decades. The rates are even higher in rural areas. Many of this small group of high school graduates would not be able to attend college. Inability to afford tuition and other school-related fees largely accounts for these alarming rates. The goal of our Scholarship Program is to support students who are engaged in our Community Development and Civic Engagement programs by covering their school fees in high school and securing higher education opportunities for the best achievers among them.

Individuals or organizations willing to sponsor one or more of our high school students can do so by making a one-time payment or guaranteeing a yearly payment of the students’ fees throughout the 3-year cycle. They can also sponsor our graduating students for their college education. In return, the sponsored students pledge to give back to their communities and mentor younger students throughout the duration of the scholarship.

We also partner with foreign universities, embassies, and other organizations to help the best achievers among our students secure scholarship opportunities to study abroad.

Contact us if you or a person/organization you know would like to sponsor our students through scholarship opportunities.

Please join us in serving as a ladder of success to younger people.

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Please join us in serving as a ladder of success to younger people.
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Please join us in serving as a ladder of success to younger people.

For the 2020 Excellence Awards Program, we plan to reward a total of 350 students and 20 teachers across

  • 18 elementary schools (Grades K-5),
  • 02 middle schools (Grades 6-9),
  • 01 high school (Grades 10-12)

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